Security Window Film

Make your home more secure with the application of safety film. Protect your home, your loved ones, and your assets.

Why take the chance?

Safety film is bonded securely to glass with a special strengthening adhesive designed specifically to absorb impact and resist dangerous shattering. Therefore, a window fitted with security film can delay intruders which provides precious time to escape the threat.

Safety film protects your family from falling shattered glass which can be deadly. For example, storms, earthquakes, intruders, and accidents like misdirected golf balls can all send broken glass flying through the room. Security film holds the shattered glass in one sheet which minifies the risk associated with glass breakage. However, without security film the falling glass could cause serious injury or even death. 

Security film also protects your loved ones and your assets from intruders, break ins, and vandals. Most importantly, security film makes the glass more difficult to break even with extreme force. As a result, security film gives you and first responders more time to react.

Security film is a good option for any home window. However, it is especially important if you have a high risk of break ins, earthquakes, storms and hurricanes, or live near a golf course.

In summary, security film delays intruders, protects against severe weather, and keeps fragments of glass together in the event of accidental breakage.

Why get Security Window Film?

Hüper Optik Shield Series

Thickness = 4 mil

Not only will the 4mil security film make your home safer, but it can also help homes pass inspections when their windows are not up to code. For example, if the glass in your home isn’t tempered and doesn’t meet code requirements, this is an excellent option for you. 

The 4mil security film will keep your glass from shattering and injuring anyone that’s around. in summary, glass retention is the main benefit of this product line.

**4 Mil Safety film meets requirements for CPSC16 CFR 1201 CAT.1 and ANSI Z97.1

broken glass closeup held together with security window film
Intruders trying to break into a home

Hüper Optik Shield Series

Thickness = 8 mil

The possibility of forced entry or storm damage is a reality we all need to face. Therefore, applying this window film to vulnerable windows in your home can be the difference between life and death in some situations. Let us make your home a safer place for you and your family. In conclusion, the 8mil security film secures homes against severe weather and forced entry. 

**Recognized by GSA to meet requirements for bomb blast mitigation, forced entry, and storm damage